Lavaren an Jydh

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to learn some (more) Cornish in 2014? Celtic Institute of the Midwest is here to help!

Starting on January 1, we’ll be tweeting a Cornish phrase each day from our new Twitter account @LavarenAnJydh. Each tweet will include an English translation and a link to an audio file you can download to practice your pronunciation. A full list of all the phrases and vocabulary will be maintained here on the Lavaren an Jydh page of our Celtic Institute blog.

Watch this space or follow Celtic Institute of the Midwest on Facebook for regular updates!


Click on a phrase to hear it spoken (MP3 file opens in a new window) or right-click to download the MP3 to your computer.

Each audio track starts with the English translation followed by two repetitions of the Cornish phrase. Pauses are included after each phrase so you can practice translating English to Cornish as well as practicing your pronunciation.

In cases where the Cornish phrase has two variants (usually singular and plural forms), the recording features two repetitions of the first variant followed by two repetitions of the second.

Mis Genver 2014 · January 2014

Mis Hwevrel 2014 · February 2014

Mis Meurth 2014 · March 2014

Mis Ebrel 2014 · April 2014

Mis Me 2014 · May 2014

Mis Metheven 2014 · June 2014

1 · Yma drog penn dhodho hedhyw vyttin wosa omlowenhe nyhewer· He has a headache this morning after celebrating last night

  • drog (nm), drogow bad, harm, hurt (from the adjective drog ‘bad’)

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